︎ Coral Huitong Yang

Coral H Yang is a contemporary artist who mainly focuses on painting, illustration, and graphic design.

She was born in Wenzhou, China, in 2000 and currently lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland as a current undergraduate senior student at Maryland Institute College of Art.

Birthday: 01/01/2000
Sign: Capricorn
Pronouce: she/ her

Coral started making art at eight; she received prizes for her innate talent as a child. She has completed her nine years of education in academic art schools in China, Including the high school of the Chinese Academy of Art.

Coral has fifteen years of art practice and kept developing her aesthetics and skills. She is actively involved in the Baltimore art scene and devoted herself to the community as an artist.


︎  Coral4869@gmail.com / Hyang02@mica.edu

︎ cora1art