︎ Recent Body of Work // WIP


This body of works revolve around the intimacy expierence of being a women. I explore the relationship between the genders roles, from my innerself to the social perspective.

most used medium:
oil on canvas/ wood

Artists Statement

In China, a relatively patriarchal country, I grew up with my mother's expectation that I would marry well and learned to measure my self-worth by my "attractiveness." Such childhood experiences inspired me to examine the intimate relationship between my inner self and me, as well as viewers and the works. I make discussions through my experience around the inner self-reflection on body and mind as a woman, the judgment of my own body, and the pain and power of being a woman. I have been exploring the topic of 'female' and 'feminine power' in my works by capturing powerful women's body language to appreciate women's bodies.

I also focus on the discussion of misogyny across genders, including women's aversion to other women and their aversion to themselves. I take a conspiratorial approach to the male gaze and the fantasy of women, objectifying women to the extreme and teaching them to objectify myself to evoke a visual reaction and make the audience reflect the inner self of their misogyny conscious through their own experience. Each individual viewer with different gender identification could ideally combine their gender interpretation through my works, helping complete this gender role conversation for me.

Throughout my practice, I found realist figure painting is the most powerful tool for artmaking and expressing my voice to the world. I chose a pink palette in my works to address the stereotyping of women and reflect on the feminine power subverting it has.

Angry, emotional, desperate, despair, hope, and love. I drowned in these contradictory feelings and conveyed them in my artworks. Through art practice, I am developing my awareness and understanding of my inner self and trying to send such messages to people who have experienced the same feelings.